“Which clinic should I go to?”

Artificial intelligence instantly recommends the appropriate type of clinic for diagnosing and treating your skin problem efficiently. Using clinical photographs, the algorithm predicts a type of clinic among “Dermatology clinic“, “Teledermatology“, and “General Physician’s clinic” with customized information.

If the algorithm determines that your skin problem can be solved just by prescribing some medications, it advises using the telemedicine service. On the contrary, it recommends the local clinic if an in-person examination may be required to assess and treat your skin problems.

To predict the customized information, we used the skin disease classifier (Model Dermatology), which had been validated for diagnosing skin diseases and published in several prestigious medical journals.

* The submitted images will be anonymized and stored. The submitted photographs and metadata are used solely for the research purpose to improve our algorithm. We do not sell or transfer the data to other companies.