Verruca plana
Verruca plana are reddish-brown or flesh-colored, slightly raised, flat-surfaced, well-demarcated papule of 2 to 5 mm in diameter. Upon close inspection, these lesions have a surface that is finely irregular. Most often, these lesions affect the face.

Treatment ― OTC Drugs
Avoid over-cleansing or touching the lesions, as rubbing the lesion can cause flat warts to continue to spread through small wounds.
Salicylic acid preparations can only be applied carefully to the affected area. Be very careful not to apply too much acidic substance around the lesion.
#Salicylic acid, brush applicator [Duofilm]

#Laser ablasion (CO2 or Erbium laser)
  • Verruca plana on the chin of a middle-aged woman.
  • It mainly occurs on the skin around the eyes and between the eyes and ears.