Angiokeratoma is a benign cutaneous lesion of capillaries, resulting in small marks of red to blue color and characterized by hyperkeratosis. Multiple angiokeratomas on the trunk in young people, may be "Fabry disease", genetic disorder connected with systemic complications.

Due to the rarity, angiokeratomas may be misdiagnosed as melanoma. A biopsy of the lesion can produce a more accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosis and Treatment
#Skin biopsy
  • Atypical case ― multiple Angiokeratoma; Most Angiokeratoma are single lesions.
  • It has a similar shape to melanoma, but is different from melanoma as it has soft and pliable features. The size of Angiokeratoma is usually smaller than what is shown in this picture. Angiokeratoma usually presents as a single lesion.