Amyloidosis is a group of diseases in which abnormal proteins, known as amyloid fibrils, build up in tissue. Intensely pruritic hyperkeratotic papules that may coalesce to form gray to brown patches. The common site of involvement of the disease is the anterior tibiae and upper back.

Diagnosis and Treatment
#Electrophoresis of blood or urine
#Skin biopsy
  • Classic facial features of Amyloidosis
  • In the magnified view, hard papules with a similar shape are observed. They are relatively uniform and hard, unlike allergic disorders such as atopic dermatitis.
  • Skin features of amyloidosis cutis dyschromica ― (A) Hyperpigmented and hypopigmented macules on the lower leg
  • Lichen amyloidosis is often misdiagnosed as atopic dermatitis. A typical case presents with small hard papules and itching.
  • The lesion of Amyloidosis may resemble that of atopic dermatitis.