Privacy Policy

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

  • Submitted cropped images from file system or camera
  • Submitted metadata (gender, birth, symptoms); users can use the service without submitting the metadata (gender, birth, and symptoms).
  • Browser language and country code

The submitted images will be anonymized and the submitted photos and metadata are used solely for the research purpose to improve our algorithm. Data collection for the improvement of our algorithm is performed only in the free version. The collected data are instantly anonymized before storing and the anonymized data will be used to improve our algorithm for five years, and permanently removed from our database. We do not sell or transfer the collected data to other companies.

All data that you provide through the service is encrypted when it is transferred using an SSL(secure sockets layer) certificate. Data is stored in encrypted form on our cloud servers. Only authorized administrators can access it.

Last updated: 1 Nov. 2021